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Banners and Promo Articles Advertising Prices on Echoru.com



1. Header rotated banner s – $150/mo/city, $275/mo/all cities

2. Right Colon rotated banner – $100/mo/city. $250/mo/all cities

3. Footer Banner on city Page  and/or single category page  – $75/mo/city, $200/mon/ all cities


4. Header rotated  banner Main page only –  $250/mo


5. Right Colon rotated banner Main page only – $200/mo


6. Left Colon rotated  banner –  $150/mo/city, $250/mo/all cities


7. Email banners to our subscribers $250/ mo – 4 times a month  





Promotion Article on site with emailing to our subscribers – $150



Internet advertising

It is well known that in order to succeed, a business must spend at least 3% of their working capital on advertising. The Internet has opened a new era in this regard.
Why is it worth advertising your product or service on the Internet?

• Advertising on the Internet is universal. It combines both image (television, radio, posters), and informational (newspapers, magazines, flyers) components. Only on the Internet is it possible to ingrain in the consumer’s mind a visual image (logo) of a company, enterprise, organization or private entrepreneur, and to give complete information about them and about the goods and services that they offer. That is, to effectively create and promote a brand in a short amount of time. (See also Website Building)

• Your ad will appeal to the younger, more active and creditworthy consumer sector. (See also profile of our audience) Over the past few years, the circulation of magazines and newspapers, even the most popular ones, has declined significantly. This trend can be seen both in information and political publications, as well as in glossy magazines. Readers of print media were people of the older age group. Therefore, advertising in the print media began to work less efficiently.

• Advertising on television and radio is often not affordable for the average producer, and the information component here is limited to seconds of broadcasting. In addition, it is imposed on the consumer against his will and therefore its effectiveness is limited. The Internet has an obvious advantage here - only interested consumers will react to your advertising.

• Using counters and special programs, you can calculate the effectiveness of the information campaign up to each interested Internet user, which makes it possible to correctly and clearly plan an advertising strategy.

Echoru, LLC. places the following types of advertising on its portals:

• Banner advertising
• Links 
• PR articles (advertising articles)