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Echoru.com - Advertising Agency for Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix and Las Vegas


Echoru.com has been a trusted source of local news and information for the Russian-speaking community of Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix AZ and Las Vegas since 2008. With over 15 thousand monthly active readers and more than 10,000 email subscribers, our website offers a dynamic platform to connect with a diverse and influential audience.



Local News and More:

 Echoru.com covers many topics, including local news and various interest categories. This comprehensive approach ensures that your advertisements reach a broad spectrum of readers, allowing you to target your ideal audience effectively.


Adaptive and User-Friendly:

 Our website is designed to be adaptive, user-friendly, and interactive. Your advertisements will seamlessly integrate into the user experience, enhancing engagement and visibility.


Responsive Readers:

The Russian-speaking community in the United States is a valuable demographic for advertisers. They possess significant buying power, high levels of education, and affluence. Readers of Echoru.com, in particular, have a deep connection with our platform, leading to a heightened responsiveness to advertised products and services.


Diverse and Expanding community:

The Russian-speaking community continually grows, with new businesses emerging across various industries. This demographic can be found in major metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, CA, Phoenix AZ, and Las Vegas NV.

  • - In San Diego, there are an estimated 82,000 Russian-speaking residents.
  • - Los Angeles and Orange County boast over 700,000 Russian-speaking residents.
  • - Phoenix is home to approximately 55,000 Russian-speaking residents.
  • - Around 20,000 Russian-speakers in Vegas, NV.

Active Consumers:

 Our readers actively seek different products and services, making them a powerful group for advertisers to target. Understanding this community's unique needs and preferences allows advertisers to make a substantial impact on business growth and success.


Echoru.com offers a prime opportunity to connect your brand with an engaged and influential audience. Partner with us today to unlock the full potential of the Russian-speaking market in South California, Arizona and Nevada.