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The Tradition Of Sympathy Flowers At Funerals In Phoenix AZ

The Tradition Of Sympathy Flowers At Funerals In Phoenix AZ

The practice of sending or bringing sympathy flowers to funerals is deeply embedded in American culture, as well as in many other cultures around the world. This gesture is a way to express condolences, respect for the deceased, and support for the bereaved during a time of mourning. The tradition has a rich history, rooted in both ancient customs and evolving societal norms.


Origins of the Tradition

The tradition of using flowers at funerals dates back thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans used flowers and wreaths to honor the dead, both as a mark of respect and to signify the beauty of the afterlife. In the United States, the practice became widespread during the Victorian era, a time when the language of flowers (floriography) was a popular means of communication. Flowers were used to express emotions that Victorian society deemed inappropriate to discuss openly, including grief and sympathy.


Symbolism and Meaning

The symbolism of flowers at funerals is multifaceted. Flowers represent the beauty and brevity of life, and their perishability echoes the human condition. They can also symbolize hope and the renewal of life, providing comfort to those who grieve by reminding them of the cycle of life and death.

Appropriate Flowers for Sympathy and Funerals

When choosing flowers to send to a funeral or to the family of the deceased, it's important to consider the type of flower and its color, as different flowers and colors convey different meanings.

  • Lilies are among the most common flowers used for funerals, symbolizing the soul of the departed and the hope of renewal and resurrection.
  • Roses have varied meanings depending on their color: white roses represent purity and innocence, red roses denote love and grief, and yellow roses signify friendship.
  • Carnations are also a popular choice, with pink carnations symbolizing remembrance and white carnations standing for pure love and innocence.
  • Chrysanthemums ("mums") are used often in many countries to signify death and lamentation, but in the United States, they represent truth and are typically seen in arrangements for funerals.
  • Orchids are associated with eternal love, making them a thoughtful choice for expressing sympathy, with pink and white being the most suitable colors.

Considerations for Different Occasions

While many flowers are considered appropriate for funerals and expressing sympathy, the choice may vary depending on cultural and religious customs. For instance, white flowers are often preferred for Christian funerals, symbolizing purity and resurrection. In contrast, Buddhist traditions recommend sending white flowers, but red flowers are usually avoided as they can symbolize joy. It's also important to consider personal preferences and the wishes of the family, as some may prefer donations to a charity instead of, or in addition to, flowers.

Sending or bringing funeral flowers in Phoenix AZ

Sending or bringing flowers to a funeral is a meaningful way to express sympathy, respect, and support. This tradition, rooted in ancient customs and enriched by the language of flowers, allows us to convey our condolences and share in the grief of those mourning. When selecting sympathy flowers, considering their symbolism, the preferences of the deceased's family, and any cultural or religious considerations can help you make a thoughtful and appropriate choice. In doing so, we honor the memory of the departed and offer comfort to the living, reminding them they are not alone in their sorrow.


Acacia Flower Shop: A Compassionate Guide for Sympathy Flowers in Phoenix

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