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The Elegance of a Woman's Neck: Beauty and Care in Los angeles

The Elegance of a Woman's Neck: Beauty and Care in Los angeles

Throughout history, poets and writers have celebrated the beauty of a woman’s neck, likening it to a swan and adorning it with exquisite epithets. This part of the body accentuates feminine beauty, but with age, folds and wrinkles can appear, prompting a desire to restore its youthful look. In this article, Dr. Aram Mkhitarian D.O, a cosmetologist and osteopath from Los Angeles, shares insights on how to achieve this.


Causes of Neck Wrinkles

The neck ages faster than other areas due to several reasons. The skin here has a thin subcutaneous fat layer and fewer sebaceous glands compared to the face, leading to quick moisture loss, thinning, and sagging. Additionally, the neck's constant movement causes muscle hypertonicity in the platysma, resulting in strands, folds, and furrows. Poor microcirculation further deprives the skin of oxygen and nutrients. Genetics also play a role, such as with the horizontal folds known as the "rings of Venus." Poor posture and prolonged use of smartphones can exacerbate these issues.


Age-Related Changes in Neck Skin

Typically, the neck remains trouble-free until around age 30, but regular care is essential. Products used for the face, such as toner, creams, serums, and masks, are also suitable for the neck. Without proper care, signs of aging can appear by age 35, with the skin losing elasticity and showing sagging when the head is tilted. Consulting a cosmetologist at this stage is crucial to slow down aging and improve skin tone. After 40, sagging becomes more pronounced, and by 50, without intervention, the neck may lose its appeal entirely.


Cosmetologist's Recommendations for Neck Skin Tightening

Your neck requires the same regular care as your face. Daily cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and nourishing help maintain youthful skin quality. A cosmetologist can recommend effective cosmetics tailored to your needs. Professional treatments, including massages like plastic massage (myoplastic) that involve the décolleté, neck, chin, and face, can lift tissues, enhance metabolic processes, and improve skin turgor.


Injection Methods

Starting at age 30, annual biorevitalization with hyaluronic acid can hydrate the deep skin layers, making it more elastic. Mesotherapy and bioreparation, which involve injecting hyaluronic acid with vitamins, amino acids, or peptides, also improve skin quality. The choice of procedure depends on the patient’s age and skin condition, and a doctor should provide specific recommendations after an examination. Botulinum therapy can relax the platysma muscle, smoothing the neck’s surface. For the "rings of Venus," contour plastic surgery with fillers can provide immediate results that last about a year.


Hardware Methods

Modern cosmetology offers several non-surgical hardware techniques for impressive skin tightening. These methods can delay or even eliminate the need for plastic surgery.


SMAS Lifting

SMAS lifting uses ultrasound to tighten skin by heating the aponeurotic muscle layer to 60-70 degrees, without damaging the skin surface. This stimulates collagen production, ensuring skin lifting. The results are cumulative, becoming fully visible after 3-4 months.



MORPHEUS8 rejuvenates skin using radio frequency wave energy. High-frequency electromagnetic oscillations heat and contract the subcutaneous fat layer, reducing its size. This procedure can be done invasively (microneedle RF lifting) or non-invasively. The invasive method shows results after one session but requires a few days of recovery, while the non-invasive method needs a course of treatments to achieve the desired effect.

By understanding and addressing the causes of neck wrinkles and employing effective treatments, you can maintain the elegance and beauty of your neck, ensuring it remains a graceful feature of your appearance.