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Адвокат Рогова Мария. Maria Rogova, Esq

Адвокат Рогова Мария. Maria Rogova, Esq
"Адвокат: Рогова Мария (Калифорния & Россия)
Бесплатная юридическая консультация по семейному, наследственному, предпринимательскому и договорному праву.
Также звоните если нужна юридическая поддержка в Москве или Мос. Обл.

Family Law
The family law practice area is one of the most emotional areas of law. It includes the following issues:

Legal Separation
Child Custody and Visitation
Child Support
Spousal Support
Property Division
Domestic Violence
Post Judgment Modifications
Pre-Nuptial and Marital Agreements, etc.

Divorce and other family law issues are usually very personal and sensitive to people who are going through them. The Law Office of Maria Rogova will provide you with personal attention and guidance through these sensitive matters.

Estate Planning
Protect your loved ones (including pets), remember if you die without a will or trust, state law will govern the distributions of your assets, which may be adverse to your will.

​Estate planning, which can minimize or eliminate the probate process and its expenses, delays and loss of privacy, includes:

Pour Over Will
Revocable Trust
Irrevocable Trust
Durable Power of Attorney
Heath Care Directive/Power of Attorney

Russian Civil Litigation
Whether you are a Russian citizen, who has unresolved legal issues back in Russia, or you are a citizen of any other nation, who is involved in a dispute which requires knowledge of Russian civil law, the Law Office of Maria Rogova is here to help you to resolve them. Before moving to the USA and being admitted to practice law in California Ms. Rogova has practiced civil law for over 7 years in Moscow, Russia. The areas of law she focuses on are: ​

Contract Law
Corporate Law
Real Estate

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