EchoRu Advertising Media - русское рекламное агентство Лос Анджелеса, Сан-Диего, Аризоны, Russian Advertising Company in Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas EchoRu Advertising Media - русское рекламное агентство Лос Анджелеса, Сан-Диего, Аризоны
Los Angeles San Diego Phoenix Las Vegas
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Dear friends!

    EchoRu LLC is a leading advertising agency for the Russian Community that  publishes and distributes tangible media such as newspaper, magazines and business directories throughout the tri-state area of California, Arizona and Nevada.
   We have a proven and verifiable track record in social media such as web site management, development and search engine optimization.  
Our success is deeply rooted in understanding both cultural audience as well as the technology that is ever changing.The latter such as search engine optimization can be a dynamic skill.  Another example of our dedication to understanding our clients are annual festivals that we host in the Russian Community.  Both the New Year Celebration and Cultural Estrada,(wich are planned in Balboa Park, San Diego or Plamer Park in West Hollywood) are recognition of true following with the Russian and Non-Russian clients.

  Every year our company grows with both clients and services.  We enjoy working with stable business partners that believe in our philosophy of long term business preservation and outreach to the a unique ethnic population.

Today EchoRu has the following departments:

* Sales
* Printing
* Graphic Design
* Typesetting
* Shipping
* The Production Department
* Department of software development
* Website development and support
* Hosting Services

With extensive experience of successful sales, we offer high-quality advertising at short frame time, as well as service quality, optimally combined with the affordable price.

we provide the following services:

* Printing Services
* Creating a corporate identity
* Production of leaflets
* Posters
* Magazines

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